It can coat the PDLC onto the ITO film. Then we get non-adhesive PDLC film.
We use UV solidify technic in this process.
If you need self-adhesive smart film, we coat an adhesive layer on it.

Cutting machine

It’s automatic. It can help to get customized sizes.
4.5 meters is the maximum length it can handle for one piece.
If over 4.5 meters, we cut by hand.

It can fasten the electrode wire.
The laminating film heat in the furnace. The high temperature shrinks the copper foil.
The nail can help avoid the solder joints of the electrode wires to shift.

Manual Voltage regulator

The different countries, the home voltage is different.
So the voltage of the transformer is also different. For example, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, and 240V.

The manual Voltage regulator will be useful in the test process. Because its voltage can change from 0V to 250V.

manual Voltage regulator for pdlc smart film

It can improve the efficiency of wire stripping.
Then save the human cost.

Soldering iron

Solder the electrode wire onto the busbar.

Clean the original glass. And it just handles the flat glass.
But if the glass is curved, we will do that by hand.

It’s for vacuum bag sealing.

Vacuum pump

Evacuate the air in the vacuum bag.
The PDLC glass won’t have bubbles during heating.

The PDLC film, EVA film, and glass are bonded together by heating.

LED flood light

Open it. The quality engineer will find out the air bubble and dirty things easier.
This is one of the reasons why we can keep PDLC glass of good quality.

1000W LED flood light for electric switchable glass