handle transformer for dimming window film sample
A4 Transformer

It can control ≤ A4 size Smart Glass. 210*297mm is the A4 size.

A4 transformer for electric frosted glass film
3W Transformer

Yes, its power is 3W. It can control less than or equal to 0.3 square meters of PDLC film.

So you can carry these mobile powers to visit your customers. And show them how the electric privacy glass film works.

3W transformer for pdlc window film
Normal model
Normal transformers

The working voltage is 220V, or 110. If your voltage is 230V, 240V, or others, we can customize it for you. The lead time is about 7 working days.

The distance of the remote control is 20 to 30 meters. It’s enough to use indoor.

Power Control Area Weight
30W ≦ 3㎡ 1.2kg
50W ≦ 5.5㎡ 1.6kg
100W ≦ 12㎡ 2.0kg
200W ≦ 23㎡ 2.9kg
300W ≦ 34㎡ 4.0kg
500W ≦ 55㎡ 5.6kg

And other power is doable, just as 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1300W. But these are all customized, we need 9 working days to get them.

About the installation, you can hide them in the ceiling. Or put them on the wall, because there are mounting holes on the machine.

You can use these transformers in Office, Hotel, Villa, Bank, and Hospital. Most of the clients will be pleased with them.

But if not, you will need a special one.

  • normal transformer for smart switchable film
  • normal transformer for dimmable glass
Special model
Blinding Transformer
APP Transformer

We provide free APP software and installation guide. Thus you can control your electrochromic Smart Film by cell phone.

app transformer for dimmable window film
Car Transformer

As this technology is not mature yet, these contents are for reference only.

pdlc glass film transformer for car window
Transform DC to AC

100 – 240 V input, and 48 V output.

smart glass screens transformer for hotel

Are you more clear about the transformer of smart frosted glass film? I hope it’s helpful to your business.

If you still have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to touch base with us.