Due to the laminated glass structure, the film in the dimming glass firmly bonds the glass. When there is an external impact, the glass fragments will stick to the film in the middle. There will be no shards splashing to hurt people.

glass with pdlc films
Adjust the indoor temperature

In the winter, windows are the main cause of heat loss, making you pay more to keep warm.

In the summer, outdoor heat enters the room through the windows. This causes the indoor temperature to rise.

The dimming glass have level 2 heat insulation. It allows you to adjust the indoor temperature easier. Block outdoor heat in summer, and reduce heat loss in winter. That improves the intelligence level of the room.

Block UV

LOW-E glass can prevent up to 75% of ultraviolet rays from penetrating. But the UV blocking rate of smart glass using new technology is as high as 99%.

In this way, you don’t need to worry about UV damage when enjoying the sunshine.

Good sound insulation

The dimming film and other raw material in the middle of the smart glass have a sound insulation effect. These can isolate all kinds of noise.

If you need to create a very quiet environment, you can use the hollow smart glass.

Ease of use and maintenance

After installing the smart glass, it only needs the daily cleaning (same as ordinary glass). There is almost no maintenance and it is easy to use.

You can use wall switch to control the dimming glass like a light. Or you can use the remote control or even the APP in the mobile phone. It is very fast. It only takes 1 second to switch from one mode to another.

Replace mechanical curtains, sunshade screens or blinds

Stick the dimming film on the glass, it can block the space, ultraviolet and infrared rays. And realize the effect of dynamic picture like blinds.

Save energy

In summer, smart glass blocks outdoor heat. And help you save the cost of using air conditioners. It can also combine with smart home systems, smart building systems, etc.

This achieves unified smart management and improve efficiency. Taken together, it saves more than 30% of energy.

residential smart glass with smart home control
Protection of privacy

In the atomized state, the inside and outside are invisible. And you can protect your privacy with a single tap.

Move your finger and open the dimming glass and you will connect with the outside world quicker. Curtains and blinds will never restrain you again.

Long life

The times of switches have reached 1.5 million. And you can use it for more than 600,000 hours in the open state and 15 years of normal use.

Projection screen

The projection function of smart glass makes your room more unique. You can also use it as a display screen for advertisements.

But, when projecting, need some conditions. Such as a darker environment, a projector with more than 8000 lumen, and the use of rear projection.

Besides, you need to adjust the ambient light. Because the glass will transmit and reflect light.

electric frosted window with projection function
The disadvantages
Limitations of the climate environment

The normal working temperature of the dimmer glass is -15° to 60°. Too high and too low temperature will affect the performance of the dimmer film.

For example, in summer, when the dimming glass is outdoors. And it exposes to sunlight when the temperature exceeds 60°. The liquid crystal part will lose activity.

In some areas of northern China, the temperature in winter is often lower than minus 20°. Under this condition, even if you turn on the electricity. The dimming film will still be in a state of atomization and cannot become transparent.

So, it is generally not recommended to use in outdoor and ultra-cold areas. Unless there is special protection, or you can accept shorter service life.

High cost

The biggest disadvantage of smart glass is still its price. Although it saves energy, the price is still high.

A product with a 5+5 structure, produced by a professional manufacturer. The cost is about $130 per square meter.

Compared with ordinary tempered glass, the price is about 5 times higher. For more details, please click Switchable Smart Glass.

Use of electricity

Although smart glass saves 30% of household energy. You cannot separate it from electricity, which becomes a disadvantage. If the power goes out at home, the many benefits of smart glass will disappear.

Size restrictions

The largest width of custom-made dimming glass is 2030 mm, and there is no limit to the length.

Under normal circumstances, professional manufacturers will not produce dimming glass larger than 2 m. Because the larger the size, the greater the risk of production and existence.

The liquid crystal in the dimming glass does not have adhesive force. There is a hidden danger of delamination under pressure. and it is not convenient to transport and install.

So, we recommend to make the size smaller.

dimmable glass windows
Installation can be difficult

Installing smart glass is a very professional thing. You must understand the relevant knowledge, or seek professional help.

Otherwise, the installation process will be very difficult. And even if completing the installation, there will be many problems in the follow-up.

Electricity consumption

The current technology is progressing very fast. The working voltage of smart glass is only AC 36 V – AC 60 V, which ensures the personal safety of users.

At the same time, it still consumes 6 W of energy per square meter.

Restrictions on installation conditions

When you install ordinary glass partitions, doors and windows, and curtain walls. They don’t need electricity. But the dimming glass need power to solve the problem of wiring.

Although it is easier to wire when applied to partitions. For large-area curtain walls and movable doors and windows. The installation personnel need more experience.

Buying trouble

Now, smart glass is popular all over the world, and more and more users choose it, but it is not sold in every city. Due to the distance, it will bring you a certain amount of trouble.

And the quality of any kind of product will have three grades: high, middle, and low.

Thus, it is very helpful to learn some professional knowledge. You can avoid buying unsuitable or inferior products.

For more advice, please check: how to choose smart glass with high quality.

switch glass window for metro

In addition to popular application scenarios such as offices, banks, and hotels, dimming glass is gradually expanding its use range, such as hospitals, schools, automobiles, high-speed rails, airplanes…

Pay attention to dimming glass, it will bring you more business opportunities.

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