The light transmittance above 85% of electric frosted glass is more popular than 80%.
Most users consider the light transmission effect first and privacy protection second.

The power consumption of smart film glass is also declining year by year.
The power consumption per square meter has gone from 8W to 5W.
And even now there is less than 3W. It’s already very low.

Common home appliances are hundreds of watts. Such as refrigerators and electric rice cookers.
And air conditioners are even thousands of watts.
In contrast, the rated power of electric frosted glass is not worth mentioning.

So more and more people would like to choose glass with electric privacy.
Below are the 21 application areas.

First of all, I want to share a story that happened to me.
When the office installs switchable film glass partitions, what kind of day will the company leader Mr. Hu spend?

In the morning, he came to the company, walked into his office, put down the briefcase in his hand, and sat on the soft seat.
He picked up the remote control on the table and pressed it lightly.
The glass partition in front of him instantly changed from fogging to transparent.

The small space in the office connects to the large office outside.
And the depression of the small space disappeared.
The transparent PDLC smart glass started his busy day.

The work came to an end. He made a cup of tea and savored it carefully.
He saw that the clerks outside the glass partition were busy with their own affairs.
Yes, everyone worked hard. The phone rang for a while, and it was an important customer who called.
The customer wanted to come to his company for an interview in the afternoon.
And he needed Mr. Hu to draw up a cooperation draft, so he got busy again.

smart glass panelssmartfilm use in office

Outside his office, sometimes people walked up and down.
Sometimes speaking, and these affect his thinking. So he walked over and closed the door.
Then returned to his seat, pressing the remote control to turn the glass into atomizing.
A quiet and undisturbed environment allows him to work more focused and efficient.

After lunch, he needs a nap.
So he closed the office door, adjusted the glass to the fogging state, and started to rest.
He has a good rest and he can work more vigorously in the afternoon.

The customer arrived as scheduled.
He invited the customer to his office and closed the door, and the dimming glass.
Thus the office formed a private and sound-proof space.
The conversation with the customer would not affect by other people. And there was no need to worry about leaks.
When he showed the cooperation draft to the client, he projected the content of the draft onto the dimmable glass…


It is easy to open up beautiful scenery for you.

smart glass wallssmart glass wall
Hotel bathroom

The glass wall saves about 10cm of space compared to the brick wall.
And it also has a sense of expansion and extension visually.
This reduces the guests’ pressure on the journey. And enhances the experience of staying.

film electric for hotel bathroom

5 benefits of dimming glass create:
a. When it open, the visit is available.
When it closes, protects the privacy of doctors and patients.

b. It is easy to clean. Does not accumulate dust.
And it’s suitable for special wards such as operating rooms, ICUs, and isolation rooms.

c. It does not contain toxic or harmful substances.
Does not produce radiation, and will not have adverse effects on human health.

d. Safety glass, high shock resistance, even if the glass break, it will not cause fragments to splash.

e. No sound during use, and isolate part of the noise.

opaque glass electric in the hospital

When the bank counter accepts business, adjust the glass to be transparent.
The inside and outside are visible, reducing noise. And create a quiet office environment for employees.
When the counter is not accepting business, the glass will fog.
You can’t see it inside or outside. This prevents staff from the outside world disturbing.

Even in the event of dangerous situations that are unfavorable to the bank.
It can block the connection between internal and external spaces. Reduce the loss of personnel and property.


Some guests want to focus and be free from interruptions.
While others prefer a broader view, which can achieve through electric switch glass.

Shower room

Is there any safety hazard in using dimming glass in toilets and shower rooms?
We have done a test to put the whole piece of (electric) switchable glass into the fish tank.
Then reach into the fish tank without getting an electric shock. Because the raw material EVA film is an insulator. And the power supply has a leakage protection function.

Swimming pool in Sanya City, Hainan Province

Eliminates hidden safety hazards.
Designers can use electric switch glass to add luster to your villa.

filmed glass for the swimming pool
Smart toilets in the ancient city of Dali

About the smart toilet here, the most touching thing is the glass door of the toilet.
Many tourists who did not understand the situation were dumbfounded and sighed: Do you want to be so open? How to relieve the transparent door?

In fact, this is an (electric) switchable glass door connected to an induction control system.
When no one is inside, the glass door is transparent, allowing people to see that there are empty spaces at a glance.

When someone enters the toilet and closes the door.
The glass door will instantly change from transparent to opaque. And both inside and outside cannot see each other.
But the light transmission of the glass is good, and people inside will not feel dark.

electric switch glass for toilet

Atomize at work to protect state secrets.
Be transparent when inspected by leaders.


Transparent, for visitors to visit.
Fog, so that staff can concentrate on work.

Lab windows that shade electronically

Passengers in the back can see the scenery in front of the vehicle.

Visiting room, interrogation room, and isolation room in the prison
visiting room electric tinted windows

When no one is present, the glass can be transparent and integrated with the outside world.
When a customer comes, the glass can fog to isolate external interference. And protect privacy at the same time.
The magical change effect gives people a unique experience.

glass smartboard inside the plane
Stairs partition wall

The colorful dimmable glass makes the staircase wall more artistic and safe.


When the elevator is running, it becomes atomized. This makes the passengers feel safe.

smarter glass for elevator

When it is transparent, it is available for visitors to visit.
When it atomizes, it allows workers to concentrate on their work.


Switch film glass provides convenience for teaching managers.

university privacy film on windows

This Smart Sunshade can block heat.
It keeps the car inside at a comfortable temperature.
And let your air-condition save energy.

It already supports a variety of models.
Just like Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, NIO ET5, NIO ET6, NIO ET7, XPENG P7, ZEEKR 001, and AITO M5.

In short, the indoor space is limited.
But the switch film glass can make better use of the space.
And you can use window smart film to paste onto the existing glass.