To install the door handle, it is necessary to open holes.
We recommend drilling after pasting the smart glass film on site. Because deviation can occur when you stick the electric opaque window film.

The door shaft on the floor spring needs to open a hole for wiring. That can help hide the wiring and make it more beautiful.
If there is a frameless door, you need to install a decorative strip on the top of the glass.

edge cover for electric smart glass

The wiring of the over-panel corners may be a challenge.
So we make a video for your reference. Click here to check.

Sometimes, you may need the hinges.
We also provide wiring options.

hinges for smartglass film
Sliding door

The framed door will be good for hiding the wiring.
But for a frameless door, you can put trim strips on top of the glass.

Spiral wire and stretching wire are very useful tools for wiring.
If there is still an issue, the conductive track is the final option. But it was quite expensive.

You can use a wire passer between the two doors.
And drill a hole in the door frame to install it.

Pivot door

It is also necessary to make holes in the door shaft to hide the wires.

open a hole for electrochromic glass wiring
Important note

Privacy Smart film or switch glass will do.
The smart film is suitable for glass widths less than or equal to 1.8 meters. While the PDLC glass can be up to 2 meters.

Like ordinary glass, use glass cleaner or alcohol to clean and maintain smart film glass.