This machine uses scattered light to test its visible light transmittance.

It’s using parallel lighting, hemispherical scattering, and integrating sphere photoelectric signal reception.
It can also be used to determine the turbidity or clarity of liquid samples (water, beverages, etc.).

automatic light transmittance and haze meter for smartglass film
Parallel light tester

It can test below items of Smart film for glass:
Parallel light transmittance
Ultraviolet blocking rate
Infrared blocking rate

Test principle:
* The imported light source irradiates the test substance.
* The sensor receives the incident light intensity of the light source.
* The light intensity after passing through the measured substance.
The transmittance is the ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity. It expresses as a percentage.

parallel light tester for smart glass film
Universal testing machine

This one tests peel strength, which lasts 30 seconds.

It realizes automatic shifting, zeroing, and calibration. Storage of physical zeroing, and gain adjustment. And test force measurement in the true sense.
Without any analog adjustment link.
With GB, ASTM, BIS, ISO, JGB, JIS, BS, and other test standards.

universal testing machine for smart film pdlc
Video microscope

This microscope can see if the liquid crystal ions are evenly distributed.

IS09001:2008 international standard quality certification.
It consists of:
Ultra-high-definition physical optics microscope system
Full-flat-field high-definition imaging system
Ultra-high-resolution photoelectric imaging system

The large magnification is more than 100 times that of ordinary microscopy technology.
Microscopic substances that cannot be observed by bright background technology can be observed.

video microscope for smart pdlc film
Electric constant temperature water bath box

After one hour of boiling, its PDLC still remains flat and nothing drops out.
It means the quality of smart film for glass is good.

Built-in stainless steel heating tube and high-precision sensor.
The heating speed is fast and the constant temperature is precise.

Electric constant temperature water bath box for smart glass window film