What is smart glass made of?

Smart glass is a new type of special optoelectronic glass.

A new type of special optoelectronic glass, we call it Switchable Smart Glass. Glass laminate with EVA film, and Smart Film, then we get Smart Glass.

electric opaque glass structure
What makes smart glass work?

We need electricity to drive the dimming glass to work.

The input voltage is 220V, 110V, or 240V. You know, different countries use different voltages.

After transformer conversion, we get 60V output. Or 36V, 48V, it’s based on your request.

Then we can connect the Smart Glass and switch.

  • glass with electric privacy wiring method
  • smart glass opaque wiring method
  • smart glass screen wiring method
What does smart glass cost?

The price of dimming glass made of tempered glass is 90-250 US dollars per square meter.

What? Tempered glass cannot meet your needs. Don’t worry, there are the following glasses for you to select.

  • Bent tempered glass or hot bending glass
  • Hollow glass 5 mm or 6 mm
  • Low-e glass 5 mm or 6 mm
  • Anti-fire glass
  • Gray or colorful glass
glass office walls canadaglass offices
What does a smart glass look like?

Its color includes regular white, ultra white, Gray, and colorful.

Power on, it’s transparent. Atomization when power is off.

colorful smart window glass
What is smart glass used for?
  • Ensure personal safety

When the dimming glass break, the glass shards will stick to the film in the middle. It can prevent the shards from splashing and hurting people.

Its UV blocking rate is as high as 99%, so we can enjoy sunbathing indoors.

  • Regulate the indoor temperature

It can block outdoor heat in summer and reduce the loss of indoor heat in winter.

smart glass windows for home
  • Soundproof

Hollow smart glass is an excellent choice for isolating all kinds of noise.

  • Protect privacy

Turn on the switch to instantly connect to the external space. Turn off the switch to focus on the affairs at hand. You can avoid external disturbances easily.


The dimming glass has completely changed our life and work. And it brings more convenience to people.