Does not take up space.

5cm lower than the original roof.
Decreasing the space.

Is it convenient to use?
convenient tesla sun film

One-button start: touch, or remote control.

It’s inconvenient with Manual stretching.

Is it safe?
safe smart sunshade

Non-destructive installation.
Won’t hinder the ejection of the air curtain.

It is easy to cause pressure on the decorative panel
and affects the work of the air curtain.

Does it block UV?
model y sunshade for sun protection

The haze is above 95%.
The light and shadow inside the car disappear instantly.

Mesh has gaps.
No UV protection.

Is it comfortable?
comfortable tesla smart skylight

The film is integrated with the original car sunroof.
With food-grade decorative strips to reduce
the abnormal noise of the original car trim.

The buckle is loose and causes abnormal noise.
It’s difficult to clean due to long-term dust accumulation.

Can I still have the panoramic view?
model y smart sun film

Keep the panorama and enjoy the natural scenery.

Cover the sunroof to obstruct the view.