Experienced Professionals

Our team has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of intelligent light control, smart home, artificial intelligence, and intelligent building.
We communicate with clients at the stage of the project planning and design, understand requirements,
provide useful suggestions, and recommend suitable schemes to achieve win-win cooperation.

smart privacy film Production Manager

Wenqiang Li

Production Manager

In the past five years, I am responsible for the below items.

  • Take part in the development and production of new products.
  • Familiar with ISO9001-2000 quality management system.
  • Good at using 5W2H, 5M1E, SPC, and other tools.
  • Deal with abnormal process quality and production site abnormalities, and propose preventive methods.
  • Improve factory operations and increase production efficiency.
electric frosted glass Product Expert

Yanmin Zhao

Product Expert

I have worked in the dimming industry for over 10 years. And I am happy to do the job as below.

  • Solve difficult problems and provide technical support for post-processing of smart film.
  • Finish the demand investigation, research and development, and implementation of new products.
  • Keep communication with experts from the Liquid Crystal Research Institute.
  • Publish many processing technology articles on relevant forums.
smart window films Installation Expert

Ming Lai

Installation Expert

I’m a skilled installer with 5 years in the Smart product area. My job includes these items.

  • Operating environment: humidity, dust.
  • Prepare tools.
  • Product receipt, unpacking, handling, storage.
  • Circuit installation: wiring and hiding skills.
  • Product cleaning.
  • After-sales service: troubleshooting for product use.
  • Precautions for product use.

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