Oster switchable smart glass consists of PDLC film, EVA films, and glass.
The high-quality workshop (Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity) ensures the durable quality of the switchable film glass.

Prepare the PDLC lamination film
  • After installing the busbar, we recommend adding a nail. Then solder the electrode wire.
    It will help fasten the electrode wire.Because the laminating film goes through the furnace.
    The high temperature will shrink the copper foil. Cause the solder joints of the electrode wires to shift.
    This nail can avoid such issues.
install nail for lamination switchable film
  • Clean the original glass and confirm its flatness.
    The poor flatness cause striped bubbles.
  • Cut EVA film to match the glass.
    And make sure it has high transparency, good air-tightness, and good bonding performance.
  • Confirm the size of the non-adhesive PDLC film.
    Then power on to test whether the PDLC film is workable.
    Be careful to protect the PDLC film from damage while moving.
  • Put the first piece of glass on the stack-up table. Open the light to ensure it’s clean and tidy.
  • Place the EVA film on the glass. And use the cleaning roller to keep it dust-free.
  • Tear off one side of the protective film of the PDLC film. Then put it on the EVA film.
    The PDLC film is in the center. And the film can not fold.
  • Put another layer of EVA film on the PDLC film. And check the cleanliness.
  • Place another piece of glass. And align with the first glass.
  • Recheck all of the material to be clean.


The pdlc smart film shall indent 1mm from each edge of the glass.
The EVA size is the same as glass.

pdlc smart glass heating process
Edge banding
  • We recommend high-temperature tape for edge banding.
  • Seal the tape around the glass and press the tape. The electrode wires need tapes too.
  • Put the laminated glass into the vacuum bag.
  • Add gauze to it to draw out air evenly. And drill a hole and seal the edge of the vacuum bag.
  • Start to draw out air and check whether the vacuum index is up to standard later.
  • Enter the furnace and close the furnace door.
  • Set process parameters. Start the equipment and wait for the equipment processing to be ready.
  • It is forbidden to stop during processing. Please contact the technicians if power outage.
  • Heat on the furnace for 2 hours.
  • Let the glass cool to below 50 degrees. Then stop the vacuum pump and take out the smartglass.
    This can prevent delamination and edge bubbles.
Important notes
  • The air humidity during the processing should not exceed 50%.
  • Please process according to the switchable glass manufacturer’s technology.
    The heating method is different because of different EVA films and furnaces.
What kind of glass can be residential smart glass?

Normal flat glass and tempered glass.
Curved glass, the minimum radius is 650mm. But it’s quite expensive, we suggest 1000mm.
Insulating glass, 6A~27A.
Lowe glass
Fireproof glass
Gray or other color glass

What is the glass thickness of switchable film glass?

3mm+3mm, but the biggest size is 680*680mm. Because it’s too thin to support the bigger sizes.

And what about the finished thickness?
It’ll add 2mm because of the electric blackout glass film and EVA film.
For example, the final thickness of 5+5 is 12mm.