What is the maximum width of your PDLC Film and Smart Glass?2022-04-15T02:40:59-08:00

Adhesive Smart Film:
The clear one is 1.8m.
The ultra-clear one is 1.8m.
Ultra-clear plus is 1.22m.

Non-adhesive Smart Film:
The clear one is 2.0m.
The ultra-clear one is 1.8m.
Ultra-clear plus is 1.22m.

What do you mean about clear?
Clear one is 82% Light Transmittance, ultra-clear is 88%, and ultra-clear plus is 92%.

Smart Glass: 2.0m.

Can you provide free samples?2022-01-04T00:06:35-08:00

Yes, of course.

Smart film: The size is 106*166mm, 210*297mm.

Smart glass: 106*166mm, 210*297mm.

What are your main products?2022-01-04T00:00:49-08:00

Smart film: Adhesive & non-adhesive, in a piece or in a roll.

Smart glass: Smart Film laminate with Tempered glass, Low-e glass, Hollow glass, fireproof glass, Curved glass, and so on.

Are you a factory?2022-01-03T23:55:08-08:00

Yes, none middle man.
You can get a bottom price from a top 3 professional factories. We dedicate to Smart Film & Smart Glass production since 2014 in China.
Welcome to visit us in Shenzhen City.

What kind of color do you have?2022-01-04T00:04:11-08:00

Smart Film: White, Gray, and Colorful painting.
Smart Glass: Regular White, Ultra White, Gray, and Multi-colored.

Does your company provide installation service?2022-04-10T19:15:46-08:00

Yes, we do.
Local Market: We have a professional team to provide installation service.
Foreign Market: We just can support you with free online installation guidance.

What is the MOQ?2022-01-03T23:16:58-08:00

No MOQ. You can place your order according to the size and qty for each project.

What is the lead time?2022-01-03T23:22:56-08:00

Smart Film: 2-3 working days.

Smart Glass: 7-10 working days.

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