Two pieces of ITO film, liquid crystal, and polymer were solidified together by a machine.

Then we stick PE protective film on both sides. Thus we finish the non-adhesive Smart Film with PDLC technic.
It’s the primary material used to make Smart Privacy Glass.

Adhesive Smart Film PDLC

It’s the same step with the Non-adhesive Smart Film.

Paste adhesive PET

Tear off one layer of PE protective film, and put adhesive PET on it.
We get adhesive Smart Film.


We use an automatic cutting machine to get customized sizes.
The maximum length it can handle for one piece is 4.5 meters.

So if the length is over 4.5 meters, we need to cut by hand.

Add electrode

Cut the slot with a curved knife and clear the liquid crystal partly.
Use a silkscreen board to brush silver paste and dry it with a hair dryer.
Paste one copper foil on each side.

Note: In order to keep the self-adhesive surface flat, the positive and negative electrodes should be on the same side. So we add one piece of copper foil to bridge the electrode to another side. Just like this image.

switchable pdlc film

Then Solder the wire.

How to choose a busbar location, single-width side or both-width sides?

If the length is more than 2.5 meters, please use both-width sides.

The length is less than 2.5 meters.
a. The width is bigger than 80mm, we recommend the single-width side.
b. The width is smaller than 80mm, please choose the both-width side.
But if you still use single-width, there will be a problem. The current cannot drive the whole area of the adhesive switchable film.

And this is suitable for both lamination switchable film and j smart glass.


If it passes, we get the finished adhesive switchable film. This is the PDLC production technology.


Normally, we roll the film with a paper tube.
Roll another layer of foam to prevent damage.
Then put it into the carton.

Additional note

Its price is cheaper than the automatic one.
And there is 2-meter and 3.5-meter version.

Safety knife

You can use it to cut the film by hand.

safety knife for switchable films cutting

It consists of tempered glass, steel shelves, and led light.

Silkscreen board

It has three kinds of widths.

5mm is the most useful one.
And 4mm is for sample or special shape film.
10mm is a good choice if the client asks for a bigger connection area.

5mm width silkscreen board for switchable smart film production
Oxford rubber block

It can make the silver paste spread evenly, and the yield rate is high.

Oxford rubber block for silver paste brushing

It can produce electrode wire quickly.

Soldering aid rosin

Prevent the electrode wire from falling off.

smart film Soldering aid